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Sarah Jane Cawthray

After gaining an honours degree in mathematics at St. Catherine's College, Oxford, I pursued a successful career in the City. For 17 years I was a fund manager specialising in fixed interest and currency markets at a leading investment management company. During this time I also married and had two children. My second child had severe eczema as a baby, an inherited condition that was cured by homoeopathy.

Following the birth of my third child I chose to leave the City in order to devote more time to my family. Having seen the amazing power of homoeopathy, I decided to become a homoeopath, studying at the Allen College of Homoeopathy in Chelmsford. Allen College is a world renowned college that provides a rigorous and strong foundation in classical homoeopathy as originally taught by Hahnemann.

Over the years I have seen numerous patients of all ages and with a wide variety of diseases and complaints benefit from homoeopathy. For many people it offers an alternative to more orthodox treatments but it can also be complementary to conventional medicine. I passionately believe that homoeopathy offers people huge benefits to their health and well being.